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charmette fontenot

Charmette Fontenot is a minister chosen by God to spread the Gospel through dramatic interpretation. She takes hold of platforms and delivers the word of God to all man kind. Loving her chosen ministry, the Native Houstonian is a writer, director, producer, actress, and choreographer.

Founder and visionary of 501(c)(3) nonprofit Shamelessly Saved Productions Inc., a for profit Chosen Production and Chosen Publishing Company, Charmette has written several stage plays and arranged performances in the Downtown Houston Theater districts.

She is a Theater Arts instructor contracting with the Houston Independent School District. Having earned a business management degree, Charmette continues to work in Corporate America as she fulfills her dream of opening a performing arts studio.

Charmette’s passion for children drives her desire to see them healed as she also works toward her mission to open a school for abused and neglected children. Her aim is to help bring those children out of general population into an environment where the staff is nurturing and understanding.

As founder of Shamelessly Saved Productions Inc., her kind loving spirit will continue to make her ministry a success as she follows the Father’s call to minister to those in pain.

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